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Below is a photo of Ian Rutland Boughton's MGF 'Abi' which was taken in Suffolk during an early post-pandemic outing.....

Below, this is Vic Todman's MGB Roadster taken at the 'Ettores' hairpin at the Prescott Hillclimb, taken by Richard Dredge of at 'Classics at Prescott 2021'. Richard supports the event, so I would be grateful if you could give him a mention - Vic Todman

Below is Paul Ireland's stunning and well-travelled 1949 MG TC. Bought in 1967 for £60 it has been driven as far North as Jon O'Groats and far South as Rome. More recently to MG events in England and Europe. This car is was the testbed for the recommendations to address the problems of modern fuel. (See Paul's book - Classic Engines, Modern Fuel,

Below are 9 photos from the MGCC's finale of the 2019 MGCC Championship Races held in our region at the Snetterton race circuit in Norfolk on Oct 5th. If you have any pictures from the day you wish to add to the gallery then please do send them to me, thank you! Details of where to send them are at the foot of the this page.

Kelvin Fagan

Below are 9 photos from our album of our MGs through the years starting with our MG F Trophy SE (sold) outshining our friend's Porche. Nice car, the Porche but our Trophy was smiles better! And a quarter of the Porche price. We used to meet at a supermarket carpark in Bedford where we compared cars, he had flown to Scotland to buy his Porche, I got a lift to Cambridge to buy my Trophy!
Also featured is our MG ZT used as my company car replacement, MG Midget a restored US import. The one non MG,Jaguar XJS Celebration beautiful car with a fabulous straight six and a true wallet emptier. MG B GT great car restored with Oselli motor, MG F 1.8i a terrific car in every way, totally reliable and fully restored by us with new front wings, sills repaired rear arches-all of these now sold and the rear end of our TF 85th Anniversary SE, not sold and won't be... we love it.
Hope these are suitable for inclusion on Anglia Centre photo page.

John and Ann Riley

The 3 photos above are from John and Ann Riley: This is our sixth MG. Purchased Autumn 2018 it is a 2010 registered MG TF 85th Anniversary SE formally owned by a car club member from Norfolk but came to us from a dealer. Tracing the (short) history has been challenging but previous owner, MGCC and the Register have been brilliant. Fewer than 17k miles from new. The photos taken at Mepal, Cambridgeshire, Spring 2019. Original condition except for the radio.

Above is a collage of pictures of the MG's of Peter Skipper he has owned over the years

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